Review: Kindle 4

My Kindle 4 has been used for almost 4 years, I read about 200+ books and 500+ articles on it. After years of using, I have some thoughts about this e-reader.

What e-reader features I want actually?

I want my e-reader to do these things well:

  1. Read papers and make annotations easily.
  2. Search fast, scroll fast.
  3. Larger screen (which makes a huge difference on reading paper).

What my Kindle 4 provided?

1. Cozy reading experiences.

Kindle provide a paper like reading experience, though I have not used Kindle paper white yet (which featured with higher ppi). I really enjoy reading novel on it.

But due to the small screen size, I cannot find any good ways to read PDF (mostly scanned books or papers) on it.

2. Perfect battery life.

Kindle 4 was featured with 1 month battery life and it is not a lie. I am (maybe was :D) a bookworm as I can read on Kindle for about 1 to 2 hours every day, and believe it or not, Kindle 4 can continue works for 10 days before next charge. After 4 years using, it still gives me fantastic battery life usage.

3. Kindle is cheap.

If you compares 500RMB with 200+ books.

4. Kindle help you foucus on reading.

Slow refresh rate, no multitasking, only thing you can do is reading.


So comparing the features I want and Kindle can provide, I choose to move on to a new reading device. I may give iPad a shot later.

And is Kindle recommended? My answer is up to your usage. If you just want to read novels, news or articles, Kindle is a perfect choice. But if you looking for good experience on reading technical books (like code snippet) or papers, Kindle may not be the perfect gadget for this.

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